Breaking News - CMC Markets invests in StrikeX Technologies, cementing strategic partnership.


Top 10 tips to keeping your cryptocurrency safe.

It’s always important to remind ourselves of the fundamentals of crypto security. Today, we take a look at the top 10 tips on how to keep yourself from losing your assets or getting scammed. NEVER give your wallet’s seed phrase, password or private keys to anyone. No legitimate project or business would ever require these details. […]

StrikeX partners with Chainalysis

Building trust in blockchains — Blockchain analysis. Compliance. Financial crime. DeFi safety. Blockchain will revolutionise multiple industries, however, a greater sense of trust and transparency is paramount to this technology’s full potential. As part of ongoing efforts to ensure StrikeX stays ahead of the curve, we are delighted to announce our partnership with industry-leading blockchain data specialists; Chainalysis. […]

The StrikeX Community Beta Program goes live!

We are thrilled to announce the StrikeX Community Beta Program! As a company that stands for community and user-centred design, we figured there would be no better way to test our products than to put them in the hands of their future users. Assembling a team from the community brings us even closer to our investors […]

StrikeX ranks #13 for TVL on the BNB Chain, according to Defi Llama

StrikeX is now live and trackable on DefiLlama, and we come in at #13 for TVL out of all BNB Chain DEX’s listed! StrikeX’s total value locked (TVL) has reached $46.33m, ranking it 13th out of all the BNB Chain DEX’s listed on DefiLlama. Staking must be enabled for this to show, because over 71% of […]

Ethereum Integration Officially Announced for the StrikeX Wallet

At StrikeX Technologies Ltd. we keep true to our vision and that is creating products that will disrupt the industry with their innovative design and functionality. The current wallet options for retail investors all over the world have been limited for too long, without a fully comprehensive crypto wallet that meets all their needs. The […]

Another network Integration for the StrikeX Wallet, this time it’s Bitcoin!

Here at StrikeX Technologies Ltd we’ve been working tirelessly to ensure that the StrikeX Wallet enters the DeFi market as an undeniable contender to dominate. Packed full of game changing features, the StrikeX wallet has it all, a crypto wallet retail investors all around the world deserve. We are thrilled to announce the inclusion of Bitcoin […]

Solana Integration with the StrikeX Wallet

StrikeX — Solana Here at StrikeX we continuously strive to be at the absolute forefront of blockchain innovation & market trends. Whilst our native currency STRX is a BSC token, we have our finger on the pulse, relentlessly monitoring this ever-evolving space in which we operate. We are thrilled to announce our StrikeX wallet integration with the Solana network. […]

The Road to $1.00 Giveaway The following terms and conditions will apply until the conclusion of the competition: – BSC transactions only – All transactions will be monitored by StrikeX – The prize draw is at our discretion, any suspicious activity or manipulation could result in your entry being disqualified – Selling and rebuying STRX will not earn you additional […]

DEX update: Share & Earn.

We understand the power of social trading. Sharing your investments with friends, family and other crypto investors alike is an imperative part of any community’s growth. With this in mind, we have partnered with Flooz.Trade. Using their referral programme, community members can profit from shilling… and it could not be more simple. How it works 1. When on […]

Meet our new CSO: Jason Butler.

We are thrilled to announce Jason’s recruitment as our Interim CSO (Chief Security Officer) Profile As a seasoned Engineer, Developer and Innovator — Jason has built an extensive background in cybersecurity. With a wealth of experience, Jason’s expertise has proven to be critical in architecting secure, highly scalable and resilient systems for start-ups, large enterprises, service providers and […]