StrikeX Wallet

Store, exchange and track StrikeX, along with all your favourite crypto projects, effortlessly — all in one app.

bullish on StrikeX?

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our very own custom-built DeFi Wallet

The next step in the StrikeX ecosystem is the launch of our DeFi wallet where you’ll be able to purchase crypto directly with fiat currencies — as well as track, swap and analyse your crypto holdings.

In addition, the Wallet will also enable the seamless integration of our DEX; TradeStrike Lite, for a full DeFi experience, without the need to use an external exchange.

Why are we building our Wallet?

Having developed and launched our DeFi exchange, TradeStrikeLite, the development of our own wallet was the next logical step in our DeFi range. As our native currency’s holder base grew, we realised the difficulties some people had in purchasing using existing market products. Building our own wallet with fiat to crypto capabilities brings a higher level of accessibility to those that wish to purchase StrikeX without stress with just a few clicks of a button.

Global reach, with proven payments

The StrikeX wallet uses an internationally compliant fiat on & off ramp gateway provider. This gives users around the world the option to buy with fiat and sell back into fiat; whether it is via Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay or bank transfer. Additionally, the wallet integrates KYC, AML & Fraud Detection services to ensure we have the safest and most secure platform possible.

frequently asked questions

Crypto wallets are digital folders, designed to keep your cryptocurrencies safe, and to enable you to to send and receive crypto via other wallets or exchanges. Our wallet is special, as it also enables you to track your favourite crypto projects, as well as your holdings.

Originally not part of our roadmap, we decided to develop a wallet in order to make our StrikeX token simple to purchase, especially for users outside of the country.

In true StrikeX fashion, we’ve realise that the current generation of wallets available on the market are below standard, and so we decided to expand on our original vision in order to provide the community with the best investment tools we could create.

The StrikeX Wallet will be available to download on Apple AppStore, Google Play store and directly from our website.