The following terms and conditions will apply until the conclusion of the competition:

– BSC transactions only

– All transactions will be monitored by StrikeX

– The prize draw is at our discretion, any suspicious activity or manipulation could result in your entry being disqualified

– Selling and rebuying STRX will not earn you additional entries

– Each transaction determines the number of entries rewarded e.g., two separate 5 BNB buys will not gain you 3 entries

– Selling STRX will void entries gained from the original transaction

– There will be opportunities throughout the giveaway to earn free entries

The Giveaway:

– The Lamborghini prize will be drawn when the price of STRX remains above $1.00 for a minimum of 7 consecutive days

– Lamborghini to be purchased at $0.65 and used as a marketing asset

– All prizes (excluding the Lamborghini) will be drawn once STRX surpasses the price set for each prize and remains above it for a minimum of 3 consecutive days

– Giveaway will run until STRK reaches $1.00 or 31st December 2022

— The StrikeX Team.

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StrikeX is a UK-registered limited company, and we’re building FinTech tools to empower people to take control of their investments. Our StrikeX Wallet is due for release in Q1/Q2 2022 and our flagship product; TradeStrike is scheduled for Q4 2022.

Token Details

Name: StrikeX
Contract Address:
Liquidity Lock:
Available on: TradeStrike Lite DEX (Direct Purchase) / Pancakeswap (or any BSC exchange) / ProbitBitMart

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