TradeStrike Lite

Stake your StrikeX to earn over 10% APY with our incredibly secure and easy and intuitive-to-use DeFi Exchange.

user-friendly, familiar, secure & stylish

The community asked for passive income, and we delivered — with the ability to stake quickly and easily through our easy-to-use and secure DeFi Exchange; TradeStrike Lite.

As part of an ongoing partnership, we have teamed up with Chainlink, a world renowned provider of secure, accurate and reliable oracles. Within our DEX we have integrated Chainlink’s oracle price feeds for the most popular DeFi trading pairs, BNB/BUSD.


Earn over 10% APY in passive income with our ‘Staking’ feature. What’s more, you’re not obligated to lock your coins away — come and go as you like!

security, seriously.

We chose market leading blockchain security experts Certik to carry out a full audit to ensure there were zero vulnerabilities. In addition, we’ve implemented the following services:

24/7 intelligence engine that provides security analysis

Decentralised on-chain pool to reimburse lost or stolen assets.

you’ll be able to buy direct with our official app

Lite will integrate seamlessly into our Wallet app

You’ll be able to get accurate StrikeX information, track crypto projects and purchase StrikeX effortlessly, all in one app.

Always evolving

We believe in the constant evolution of our products, as such, we’ve already begun targeting additional features to be added to our DEX in the form of regular update rollouts. Cross-chain capabilities, improved technical charts and a broader range of staking features are all but a few of our short term plans for TradeStrike Lite.

frequently asked questions

TradeStrike Lite is our very own DeFi Exchange (DEX) that we rolled out as a soft launch at the end of October 2021, empowering our community and users to stake their StrikeX tokens, with the ability to swap and farm assets.

TradeStrike Lite has been audited by Certik. In addition, we are utilising Skynet and CertikShield to provide an extra layer of security.

Our community requested the ability to be able to stake their holdings, and so we delivered with a platform that would provide the ability to be able to do so whilst earning rewards; safely, and securely. In addition to catering to the request of the community, the DeFi Exchange also acts as a way to enable us to grow our liquidity pool, build our brand and solidify our token in the buildup to our flagship product; TradeStrike.